“Key West Story” review excerpts

“Key West is beautifully captured in all its shallow, hedonistic glory, and Skwiot’s ability to reveal it and its citizens in subtle, amusing ways eases the reader into this unique world…”–Kirkus Reviews

“The book is a great read…Skwiot manages to capture some aspects of life in Key West that few think about (unless you live here.)” –FloridaKeysGirl.com

“…[Skwiot] has worked a little noir into the island setting rife with colorful characters, seedy hotels and smoldering women…Hemingway fans should be intrigued.” –examiner.com

“…the kind of book for which our island was once upon a time famed throughout the world. Hemingway…Havana…hurricanes commingling in a tale of love and redemption.” –Key West Citizen

“A fantastic book on the writer’s life…telling us an amazing story about Key West…but also carrying a deeply profound message about the writing life, about the writer’s mission and the mistakes that can be fatal to a writer’s career.”—The Right to Publish

“A witty, literate and wildly exuberant take on sex, writing and life in Key West. With a benign Hemingway as life- and writing-coach, how could Rick Skwiot’s hero fail to flourish?”–Rosalind Brackenbury, author of Becoming George Sand

“Having a protagonist who is a writer is not easy to pull off–writers are not known to be action figures after all–but Rick Skwiot does it beautifully in Key West Story…In the end, the appreciative reader will have gotten to know several unique Key West characters, many of whom have lost some rudder power in their own lives, and all of whom find their core, their heart and their destiny, some in unexpected ways, with a salty Atlantic breeze at their backs.–Susan McKinney de Ortega, author of Flirting in Spanish.

“This novel gives us a new personal insight into what it might have been like to know [Hemingway] and profit from solid advice generously offered from the master’s creative core.”–The Green Grapevine